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I'm James
James Walker Photographer

Hello, my name is James Walker.

I  am a documentary photographer with a particular interest in the people, history, culture and events in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Born and raised in the county of Ayrshire I have an affinity for this part of the world and a desire to promote this beautiful and historically rich but under represented area on the world stage. 

I have written a heavily photo illustrated book in 2023 entitled “Ayrshire Explored” which is available on Amazon.  It is hopefully a prompt and inspiration to visit some of the lesser known corners while meeting the people that occupy them. 

I am currently working on a self directed project entitled “Ayrshire Folk”. This project aims to record a series of documentary portraits of people who live or work in the county.

Ayrshire Folk

Inspired by the remarkable Humans of New York collection and the pioneering Scots photographer David Octavius -Hill, the  aim is to provide a legacy record of personalities, good works, styles and trends of our time. 

Ayrshire Folk is a collection of portraits to raise my profile as a photographer but I intend it to be something much bigger than just me. It’s something that requires collaboration. There are so many fascinating people around us, working quietly to make our world better, even in very small ways. 

This is a celebration of those people who are following their dreams, serving their communities and providing inspiration to others. 

Landscapes endure but people are what make a place. They are fragile, fleeting, ever changing, fun and completely indispensable. That’s why I love them. 

I look forward to seeing you!

Elaine Johnson

Stay awesome. 

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