Andy Bain is a qualified chef as well as being a wheelchair user. He aims to have his own gastro pub one day while being an advocate and inspiration for disability in hospitality.
Andy Bain, disability chef, Kilmarnock 2024. Ayrshire

I first saw Andy Bain as an advocate for Centrestage, lending his support to the people that had supported him on his journey to be a pro chef.

Andy discovered and enthusiastically embraced the possibility of taking up a profession most folk would tell you is impossible. Proving the concept by taking the opportunity to work in the Centrestage kitchen was really important. This in turn led to Andy’s successful application to City of Glasgow College on a professional cookery course.

Andy studied under Gary Mclean who himself shot to fame on Marterchef, the Professionals, becoming Scotland’s newest celebrity chef. Gary continues to be a source of inspiration and support even after graduation.

I crossed paths again with Andy and agreed to share his story as a participant in my Ayrshire Folk project. The venue really had to be back at Centrestage of course. The kitchen was hot with preparations for lunch so we were keen to get in and out without creating too much of a distraction.

Andy Bain in the real world.

As always I aim to show people in real life situations rather than posed in setup “perfect” backdrops. This makes for a more authentic experience for all concerned (in my humble opinion) as well as cutting out the faff and saving people’s valuable time.

Andrew Bain, disability chef and influencer. Ayrshire 2024
Andrew Bain wheelchair chef, Kilmarnock 2024. Ayrshire

Andy hopes to have his own gastro pub one day and in the meantime his mission is to champion disability in the hospitality trade. I’m certainly glad to help him on his way and I’m grateful to get to photograph him before he becomes famous. You saw him here (perhaps) first folks.

Ayrshire is full of people doing amazing things, often in an understated or unsung way. I’m fascinated by those stories that are just crying out to be told.

If you know of someone with a great story or you would like to be part of the project yourself drop me a line to say hi.

Andy Bain, disability chef influencer and advocate inspiring others to embrace opportunities in hospitality.
Andy Bain at home in Centrestage Kitchen 2024. Ayrshire

Stay awesome.