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Our environment and the way we humans shape it, protect it, recover it and use it is both fascinating and worthy of recording.

The story of how we use the land, the decisions and processes involved, not to mention the people involved is vitally important. Not just for now but for all our futures.

Photographing your project keeps stakeholders informed, wins the hearts and minds of the community and attracts investment. Prove compliance and demonstrate how you have exceeded expectations.

Special rates are available for environmental projects due to their special nature and requirements. 


High quality photography is the best way to showcase your brand, reach, new customers, increase sales and develop campaigns.

Professional photographs improve your brand’s aesthetic appeal in print, on the web and through social media campaigns. Stronger appeal means better sales.

Working together we can strengthen brand image and values to differentiate you from the competition and stand out from the clutter in an authentic way.

Headshots, products, environmental portraits and location photography are all part of the service that illustrates the story of your business.

Social Photography

There is what you love, what you are good at and what the world needs; when you find that you get up in the morning to fulfil the purpose of your life.

Cristina Mittermeier,

For me that is capturing the uniqueness of people in service to their communities.Those people who make life better for others, even in small ways. Can there be anything better?

Social enterprises, community based businesses, charities and voluntary organisations are extremely important yet often neglected.

Click here to ask about social packages, including funding possibilities. 

Professional photography with a social soul from the heart of Ayrshire.

Clients Include

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